I started learning the power of connections at an early age in my small hometown. By the time I was in my teens, I had already started building connections that would carry me into my career.

The most important thing I learned early on was the power of "the ask" and of letting go of "the no."

Those two pieces of learning gave me the most powerful tools I would ever need to be successful and to go after my dreams. Now, I am taking the model I have used my entire life and sharing it with others.

My goal - to help people truly achieve their dreams and realize that they have the power to do all within reach. The power lies in the connections.

If you are eager to understand more about connectivity and the power of connections you have or could build, call on your Connections Curator. Together we can unlock your own connections collection and give you the power you always had.

I once read a quote on a mentor’s wall that I believe is the way to live, “Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.”

I believe in magic, a smile from ear to ear, and love with all my being.

I am a mother – Mama McFee’s Musings.

I am a connector.


Come along on my journey and let’s make connections that will change the world!

Everyone is two people away from the person that will change their life. You just need to know how to curate the connection.

– Curator Steph


Working together, we build a plan focused on building, growing and strengthening your connections. We work on outlining goals to clearly identify what connections you have that you are not using, what connections you need to grow, all with the goal of teaching you how to be your own Connections Curator. Take the Curate YOU! Course to get started today.


My proven strategy development process will give you the path and tools you need change the relationship you have with your customers. We identify where you might have customer growth opportunities, how to deepen your connection with your current customers and what tools and resources you can use to highlight YOU!

Curator’s Circle

Launching in May, 2019, The Curator’s Circle Membership. Click on Learn More.

If you are looking to grow your connections, deepen the ones you have and change your perspective on how connecting can impact your life and business then you need to meet Stephanie McFee with Connections Curator!
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