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Business growth is all about making meaningful connections.

Curator Steph


Strategy & Planning

Have an idea on how to grow your business, but are not sure what steps to take to bring it to reality? Together we take your idea from concept to reality through my CustomerCuration™ process.


Looking to provide yourself or your team with training on how to be Connections Curators™ for business success? Schedule or attend an in-person workshop to get started.

Video Services

Wanting to grow your connections through video but not sure where to start. Check out my online course to give you everything you need to get started.

Curation Consulting Process TM

Step 1


Bring me your ideas and we will discuss your goals to use or grow your connections to lead to future business success.

Step 2


Using my background and training, I will ensure we know what your audience desires so that we can build the program that will exceed their expectations.

Step 3


Taking the research and concept I will create the plan that will curate your new product or service to meet the needs of your customer.

Step 4


Together we will determine the implementation of your project and next steps to ensure success for you and your business.

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Steph McFee

The Connections Curator

Helping People Connect with the Person the World Wants to Know. YOU!