Welcome to the Curator’s Circle Membership!

I’m Steph, your Connections Curator, a Master Storyteller, a 15-year women’s empowerment champion, topped with a degree in fashion merchandising and consumer affairs.

What does all that add up to? I know how to help you be the masterpiece you were created to be from the inside out.

The Best Time to Plant a Tree was 20 Years Ago.

The Second Best Time Is Today!

Chinese Proverb

Do you find yourself asking, “What’s next?”


Are you in the middle of a job, life or geographic transition?


Do you look in the mirror and not feel joy?


Do you know you are talented, but doubt how to share your story?


Are you lacking confidence in this virtual world of social media, video and photos?


If you answered YES to even one of these

questions, then you need to


Curate YOU!


What is Curate YOU! you ask?


It’s my proven five-step process for learning to:

  • Create confidence that cannot be broken.
  • Create a connection with yourself that makes you smile every day.
  • Gives you the knowledge and courage to speak clearly and concisely about your gifts and talents.
  • Gives you the knowledge you need to outline your goals in an achievable way.
  • Teaches you how to build meaningful connections that will change your life!

But as my students went through the Curate YOU! program, I realized they needed more. They needed a circle of others that were also on the path to curation. They needed daily support and weekly intention setting. They needed to continue curating themselves beyond the program.

So, introducing the Curator’s Circle!

Based in the Curate YOU! program, the Curator’s Circle provides members with:

  • Daily inspiration, guidance, and questions to keep them on track.
  • Weekly stories and live videos from me, Curator Steph, sharing my journey and tips.
  • Monthly group coaching in a live setting.
  • Free access to the Curate YOU! program (Curate YOU! 2.0 launching in May).
  • Weekly strategy sheets to apply the Curate YOU! and Curate Connections methods.
  • 1 included 45min 1-2-1 coaching session with ME! (a $150 value)



Plus, bonuses to the first 25 people that sign up:

  • Curator Closet Consulting – a virtual walk through your closet and style assessment to ensure confidence from the inside out. (normally a $200 value)
  • 30 Thoughts to Curate YOU! free download – full of inspirational images and quotes.
  • Curate YOU! Confidence tips – 15 minutes full of impactful tips on how to gain the confidence you need to produce videos, selfies and so much more and become a Social Media Rockstar.

Sign up for the waiting list and receive my free download – The Five Mistakes to Making Meaningful Connections. This outlines the tips I have seen cause a potential connection crash and burn before it even got off the ground.

Stay turned and let’s

Curate YOU!

full Circle.

Steph McFee

The Connections Curator

Helping People Connect with the Person the World Wants to Know. YOU!