HER Community Membership program

Overview: a program of the Women’s Business Development Center of Florida

The Women’s Business Development Council of Florida is a regional partner of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council the organization that oversees certifying women businesses and the Woman Owned logo.

The CEO of the WBDC of Florida had a vision to provide further services to their members upon completion of their certification through the creation of a community.

The goals were to ensure members knew the opportunities available to them in business, received coaching to support growing their business and ensure they renewed their certification without question each year.

A further goal of the program was to engage women business owners that did not qualify for certification to utilize the programs and services the WBDC of FL offered.

Project strategy:

The WBDC of FL had a vision for the type of membership they desired patterned after the TRIBE by Stu McLaren model. As part of the project, I completed the six-week TRIBE course which outlines the most current process for building successful memberships.

We started with outlining a success path for women businesses owners which led to the identification of four avatars based on the phases a woman business owner goes through during starting, growing and ending their business.

Due to the complexity of building a membership for four avatars, the decision was made to focus on women business owners in the 3 to 5-year phase of their business.

Beta testing of content, format and marketing was completed over a 6-month period with an inaugural roll out to current members in March of 2019. The goal was to get current members to engage in the community, learn more about what the audience needed with further live testing of content, interviews and email engagements.

During this time, we moved all social media management, including the community Facebook group, email marketing and video creation to being managed by Connections Curator to ensure streamline of messaging and tracking.

Stay tuned for more updates on this ongoing project.

Questions about this project?

Interested in having Connections Curator manage your membership and marketing, contact me at steph@curateyou.net.

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